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What if we chose not to school our  children...      
Being and Becoming
...but trusted them to learn freely what they are truly passionate about?    
A Film by Clara Bellar
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Being and Becoming Trailer from pourquoi pas productions on Vimeo.
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Etre et Devenir - Bande Annonce from pourquoi pas productions on Vimeo.
FRANCE: Release May 28 LUXEMBOURG: Release July 2 SWITZERLAND: Release July 23 BELGIUM: Release in October (for the details of the theatrical release in the francophone countries, please visit the French website)SPAIN: Screening Thu Aug 21 at 10p in Toledo at Encuentro por la liberdad educativa - aleenred.blogspot.com UK: Press screening in London July 23  UK Premiere at HES FES www.hesfes.co.uk ITALY: Screening in Rimini June 7 - http://www.s-cool.it GERMANY: Press screening in Berlin July 15 Screening at Schulfrei festival in Hannover Sept 6   For information on the release in other countries, this page will be updated.  Please fill the contact form below to be notified. To pre-order the DVD go to:   [if gte mso 9]> 0 0 1 47 271 peewee.inc 2 1 317 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE
Being and Becoming explores, for the first time on the big screen, the concept and ultimately the choice of not schooling children, but of trusting and letting them learn freely what they are truly passionate about.  The filmmaker's journey of discovery takes us through the US, Germany (where it's illegal not to go to school), France and the UK. This filmis a quest for truth about the innate desire to learn. (99 minutes)  EndFragment      
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Irvin KershnerRana Haugen CoreNaomi, Harvey, Oliver, Lennon & Yonatan AldortJohn Taylor GattoNathalie GalindoJoyce ReedSanni, Singa & Lumas Diesner, Manfred Köhnlein,Claudia Renau, Fredy, Auriane, Loline & Lila FadelArno, Michèle, André, Eléonore, Pauline & Antonin SternIvana Durand Lanson, Merlin, Phenix & CassidyValérie, Bertrand, Hugo, Océane, Baptiste, Jules, Emma, Noé & Louve VincentFabienne Degorce, Joséphine & Margot AknineNicolas Demeerseman & Florence TutiauClaire, Antoine, Martin & Marion Hérino Imbert, Rodolphe HérinoJean-Marc, Yrieix,  Etienne & Joseph DelaunayJeanne Boucher, Annie & Michel AuzemeryElena BoellaMichael, Sharon, Aaron & Rachel TavalerZachary Simonsen BurtBenjy Stevens & Jennie StevensLeslie Safran BarsonAugustus Day-West Keir, Chloe & Afifah WatsonAlan ThomasHelen LeesSally Garner-Gibbons, Sam Brewster, Luc & Lyla Garner-GibbonsJoseph CawleyKaren, Malchus & Josias KernEndFragment
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“THE documentary film event” Europe 1 "Troubling and unsettling” L’Express"A meditation on mind expansion, an anthropological study inspired by an alternative movement, this investigation inquired into a philosophy of life that is often misunderstood and misjudged. Whether one agrees with it or not, the documentary is a success.” Studio Cine Live ***“An ode to an alternative lifestyle” Telerama "One of this film’s greatest contributions is that it opens the debate.” Premiere“Extols open-mindedness and freedom” Le Monde"A film that points out a real problem in society.” France Inter"We come out of it shaken. What if another path was possible…” Famili "To change education - or to leave it?” Nouvel Observateur "Raises pertinent questions” Marianne "A striking documentary that places the child and their growth at the heart of all educational choices.”L’enfant et la vie "A militant film” Le Point "This film makes us feel like realizing our dreams" Le Journal des femmes"A choice that gains more and ore enthusiasts” Femme Actuelle "THE FILM that places school in question” Version Femina "A captivating journey, to be seen by all means” La Muse"A beautiful film. Fascinating because the questions it raises are fundamental and because it compels a paradigm shift. At the heart of the documentary, there is philosophical reflection on happiness.”Parents.fr"A rare film, not to be missed” Famili.fr"Clara Bellar has pointely touched upon the happiness that allows children to be and become, their best. "This film opens the door to the field of possibilities. Not to be missed under any circumstances!”femina.fr"Food for thought” Place des Ecoles"A feelgood documentary - this film makes us produce oxytocin” Santé Intégrative"A happy outlook on childhood and parenting” Mediapart"Deliciously disturbing” Un grand pas de côté"Watch out, a subversive documentary” La vie"It shakes up, for sure” Parents "A rare film, a must see” famili.fr EndFragment
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